Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A typical 4 year olds day at school

Well I haven't had the time to post here since I've been working all throughout my spring break. I'm happy I got into a daycare and gaining so much experience with kids. I teach 4year old kids and it just makes me want to travel back in time to when I was 4, I imagine my day just so carefree.

The first thing in the morning when the kids get to school, they get to play toys!!! I wish I get to play first thing in the morning too!!

Then after play time they sing along to a clean up song and they help each other clean up to get ready for breakfast (The breakfast is served to them in each table by ME!!!!).

After that its circle time!! I teach them with the mini lessons that are prepared, so they might learn something about puppies and after the lesson I organize the little ones into groups and they work together to color or do an experiment together with me.

After circle time I take them to the roof (depending on the weather) where there is a playground with slides and scooters and tricycles for them to run around and play.

Then, they go back to class and get to nap for 2whole hours!!! I wish I had nap time =( I have to watch them sleep!! Thats torture!!

When nap time is over, they wake up and there's food on their tables again so they eat another nutritious meal. They have rice or spaghetti, some fresh fruit and a carton of milk that they must finish.

After they eat its circle time again and that is when I review the mornings lesson and further elaborate on the subject for example, what are some other pets.

Finally after that, they play with toys again while waiting patiently for their parents to pick them up.

Doesn't a 4year olds day sound like something us as adult would like to experience again. Everything is planned out and we get nap time!! Wouldn't that be something?! Well I've been having lots of fun with my kids, even though it took me one full week to memorize all 20 of their names and faces. Talk about bad memory!! Well that's all for now, its time for me to catch up with some school work!

Stay tuned!! More next time.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The art of dance and performance

Lately I have been wanting to dance again. I really enjoy dancing, ballet in particular. I have been trained professionally as a ballet and Chinese cultural dancer since the age of 4. I also learned how to be a good performer.

I remember getting ready for a performance was so much work, my mom and teachers had to make my costume while I and other dancers practice vigorously week after week. At times I hated all that practice, but I knew I had to hang in there since I expected our performance to be perfect.

I remember getting ready for the performance in the backstage and it was lots of work! Everybody had to arrive two hours before the actual performance. We had to do our make-up, do our hair, put on the costume and all our accessories. After we get ready, we would practice and wait impatiently for our performance. We practiced in our group, which was by the age and how advance you were as a dancer. I remember when I was young, I always watched the older and more experienced dancers practicing. I always thought to myself, one day I too will be as good as they are. They were a source of motivation for all the younger girls.

So finally it was time for us to perform and surprisingly I was never really nervous to perform in front of thousands of people for some reason since it seemed fun to me. Instead of being scared of all the people out there watching me, I always say to myself that I must do my best and remember how to pick up from your mistakes so everything will go smoothly.

After the performance was over, all the dancers would exit the stage and have our parents, friends and relatives take pictures of us in a group, all dressed up. After that we would run to take our costumes off and undo our hair as fast a possible since they were quite uncomfortable.

Well I hope if I have enough time in the future I will definitely go back to dancing and the gymnastic I have been doing. It was very unfortunate due to personal issues that I had to leave my dance school at the age of 12. Ever since then I have been missing out so much and always wanted to go back. Now when I visit my school I see all my friends being in advance classes and I look at myself and say wow what if I had stayed? would I be at their level as well?

There are just too many things I have to do now as a college student, I barely have leisure time anymore. That reminds me, I must study for my media exam on thursday!!!!

More next time, stay tuned!!!!!