Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Raindrops keep falling on my head

It's been raining a lot this month. People say April showers bring May flowers, but its May so get going RAIN! The rain is making the days go by so slow and makes me feel lazy. At least its keeping me home so I can study for my finals.

While walking to school I came across this batch of little plants and I loved how the droplets of rain sat on top of the leaf. It looked beautiful so I quickly snapped this shop on my iPhone.

New York is the place to be to experience all the diverse cultures. On the bus ride home today, a middle aged Spanish speaking man was teaching a middle aged Shanghai woman to speak Spanish. The woman learned very quickly and said a few Spanish words very well and the man shared that his girlfriend is Chinese. I thought to myself, only in New York will I be able to experience such a clash in cultures and I just love it. We all need to be able to learn and understand the many cultures all over the world.

Have you experienced a similar situation? Leave the stories in the comments below.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

DIY Projects

I had a term project to do for my photography class so I've been busy with that. Finals are also right around the corner and getting busy studying for now. I'd just like to share some of my photos with you guys. Hope you enjoy them!

This is a bead pig I made.

Here are my color pencils! I hate using crayons!!

Some stars I made.

A gift box a made and some cranes.

A fish I made out of ribbon. Forgot to put eyes on it O_o, sorry blind fishy.

Cranes I made. The big one made of a magazine paper and the smaller one made of the Halls candy wrapper. (I always recycle, you should too ^.^)

More stars I made put into a beautiful Hershey's glass cup.

The circle of cranes I made.

Enjoy them and have a wonderful day!
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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Wish all you mom's out there a Happy Mother's Day!! Mom's work so hard to cook, work, clean, and take care of their kids. We need to give back to them, but everyday should be mother's day really. I hope you help your mom out with chores and cooking.

For today I made my mom something special. We didn't get to do anything fun because we had errands to run but I made her a special gift.


What did you do to celebrate Mother's day? What was your gift to her?

Friday, May 7, 2010

Garfield The Cat

I've been following this stray cat around my neighborhood for about 2 years and I'm always glad to see him because then I'll know he's alright. Lately him and his cat friends have been hanging out in my backyard and they meow so much I sometimes get annoyed. Today I decided to give him and his buddies a photoshoot with my boyfriends DSLR camera. I wish he was my kitty, he wouldn't have to go out in the neighborhood trying to stay alive. I'm scared to even touch him because what if he has lice or other diseases. Ohh how I wish he was mine.

Hope you find the him rather cute and since he's the color of Garfield, my boyfriend and I named him Garfield Cat haha. It's really to distinguish him from other cats we encounter in the neighborhood.

Here he arrives. Poor thing has a battle scar below his right eye. :(

His buddy happily comes to greet Mr. Garfield cat.

The king of the group comes join his minions.

They're having a discussion but Mr. Garfield Cat was feeling rather tired so he'll ask his buddy later about the meeting.

Oh look at the lazy cat always sleeping. ZZZzzzzz...

Do you see any strays by where you live? Do you also want to take them in your home?
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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Birdy be free

The weather is so abnormal, one day its super hot and another is windy. So many of my friends are getting colds. Remember to dress warmly and check the weather before you leave the house. I don't leave my house without an umbrella anymore since we get thunderstorms frequently.

Everywhere I walked I heard ice cream trucks! They were very tempting, I mean who can resist right?

Here's a bird I spotted at school. Its so beautiful and its vibrant colors stood out to me.

Is the weather acting up for you too?
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Surviving Bus Rides

Today was an exceptionally beautiful day here at NYC, equipped with cooling winds and rays of the warm sun. As always my journey from home to school and back takes a long time but its always fun. There's always something happening in this busy city. I can't imagine life anywhere but here. I LOVE NY!

Waiting for the bus took forever. Check out the long line! (Line was 1block long)

Then on the bus I saw a guy with yellow hair. Clown wannabe?

Can you imagine life anywhere else besides your hometown?
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Monday, May 3, 2010


So recently I got a new iPhone game called Angry Birds and I've been addicted to it.

It's a puzzle game where you slingshot the birds to kill the pigs. The pigs are hiding under a bunch of rubble and you have to explode away the rubble to get to the pig. When you hit the pig they get a black eye.

It's so cute and it makes me smile. I love the part when you can't beat a level and the pigs smile because they're still alive haha. Well if you get a chance, you have to try this game out!
Its been stormy here in NYC with many thunderstorms.
I managed to catch a picture of the beautiful sky as the clouds were clearing at dawn with my iPhone.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

A day at Union Square 14St

New York City is the best place to be on these hot days. I love how busy it is and all the different things going on in a day. Here are some things that caught my eye during my adventure out with my boyfriend.

Here is Pret a Manger, one of my favorite places to get food. They're all organic and food tastes great!! Aren't those pictures on the wall awesome?

This is Joe Mangrum's work at Union Square today. It was spectacular.

Saw a random squirrel hanging with only his hind legs!!

This was a Korean and Monk parade going on today. I didn't know what was going on but I thought their outfits were so beautiful.

Here is the beautiful Korean outfit, she looks stunning.

So I found a random sneaker on top of these Free magazine stands. Only in NYC do you get this kind of thing.

Well enjoy and hope you're staying cool at home.
What are your plans when the weather gets a lot warmer?
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Professional Portraits

Took some portraits of friends from class. It was my first time being in a photo studio with all these special lights. I enjoyed this experience very much, I hope I get another opportunity to do this.
Here are some of my favorites. These people have great personalities and I'm glad I captured them.