Friday, January 14, 2011

Winter Storm Pictures

The snow storm was a bit crazy but not as bad as the last one we had. This is when it all began.

Look at all the left over snow from the last storm. There's so much snow at my school.

The pile left in front of a smart car.

This cute dog was standing so majestically on the snow pile.

My boyfriend and I went snowboarding and here are the boards we used.

Here is my boyfriend helping his bro fix his board.

I say my snowboarding is finally getting better. I practiced a lot on the bunny slope this time so I can go on the mountain with my boyfriend next time I hope!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

NYC Metrocard 5

Happy New Years to all of you out there!
Whats in store for the New Years you ask?

Say hello to MTA raised fair prices. The 30-day unlimited card cost has been bumped up from $89 to $104.
I have not seen any service improvements in the subway system but rather cause more inconvenience to me. Taking the train on weekends is a nightmare because nothing runs properly.

Other than that, I'm currently taking my very first graphic design class. I'm having a lot of fun and I hope to continue designing with my boyfriend. He's helped me understand a lot about design. I'm glad I'm able to catch up with everyone in the class because this is a pretty advanced course. My friend has also been helping me with some adobe programs.
Hopefully soon enough I can gain enough skills to build my very own blog to share with you.

As always please share your thoughts and comments below.