Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!! 2010

Happy Halloween to you all!!
What will you be doing today? Did you dress up?
I love getting free candy during this time.

I celebrated Halloween yesterday at Luna Park, Coney Island.

They had a Nights of Horror event and I had lots of fun.

I spent a total of 4hours at the park and my friends and I went on every single ride there.
The longest line there was for the Haunted Maze but there was only 1way you could walk. There were many workers dressed in very bloody costumes trying to scaring visitors and were very successful most of the time. They would chase people around or just randomly stand next to that when they turned to look they'd be scared.

Enjoy your Halloween!! :)

Friday, October 29, 2010

NYC Metrocard 3

This month I decided to draw a little birdy. The bird reminds me of twitter haha!
So I decided to draw a bird on my Metrocard so I can remind myself to work hard in school and I'll have plenty of free time after I'm done.

After weeks of stress and hard work, I finally have a free weekend to rest once again. No more midterms to worry about but now I must study hard and be ready for the finals.

If you haven't yet followed me on twitter, what are you waiting for? Click the poor fat birdy on your right and follow me already! If not, he will cry! :(

Also my favorite jewelry designer DSK steph is doing a LV bag give away. Find out how to win on her blog and while you're there check out her beautiful pieces.
Her jewelry is awesome and I wear the necklace my boyfriend got me all the time! I'd feel empty without it!

Any suggestions as to what I should draw on my Metrocard next month?
Leave your creative comments below.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Stress No More College Students!!!

It's the middle of the semester, exams are bombarding you and you're trying to do everything as fast as possible. This is the time when college students say goodbye to sleep and you pull all nighters. Admit it, you love procrastinating but work builds up fast. Next thing you know, you have loads of work waiting for you stacked on your desk and readings for classes stacked up to the ceiling.

What can you do to prevent this?

1. The syllabus is our friend. There's a reason why the professor gives us a syllabus, it's to keep us posted on what we will be learning, reading, and homeworks that are due. It can be to our advantage to do readings ahead when you have free time instead of going out with friends or sleeping or just simply slacking off. Plan your time wisely and do as much work as you can early before they build up.

2. Make a list of your priorities. What is going to be due first? Make a list of the things that are going to be due if there are many things to be done. Most of us aren't taking just one course a semester, we're juggling four or more at a time. Write everything in a planner and get in the habit of looking at it everyday.

3. Is facebook, twitter, AIM or Skype distracting you from your work? Instead of immediately typing your essay on your computer why don't you get away from it and hand write it? Hand writing a paper is good because you can pick up on mistakes better than you can on the screen. Type your paper up afterwards and as you read and type, you're self-editing. You'll have to read it to yourself and often you'll catch mistakes you've made on the draft.

Say goodbye to loads of work and have more time to procrastinate and enjoy the weather. You don't have to fall behind classes anymore. Remember to get things done first, procrastinate after. You'll have all the time in the world to do whatever you want after the work is done.

What do you do to stay ahead in your classes? Were these tips helpful to you?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Free Origami Paper

Here is a great deal for you!
Free origami paper sent right to your doorstep. Get them soon before they run out.
You get 50 sheets of these in 3 different sizes. I couldn't ask for a better deal!

Hope they send mine soon, I'll be making some paper cranes and turtles with them.
I'm excited and hope they'll be all different colors!

I will be creating more origami tutorials in the near future, for now learn to make a Lucky Star. Be on the lookout!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

DIY Lucky Star Tutorial

This is the moment we've all been waiting for!! It's the origami star tutorial! Hope its helpful to you because it has detailed pictures and steps to go about making your very own lucky star.

First, find a long about strip of paper about the long side of a loose-leaf paper (you can cut a strip from a loose-leaf or use scrap paper).
This picture just shows you both sides of the origami paper (a side with pictures and a blank side).

You want to make a loop on one end just like a ribbon. Make sure that the side with pictures is on the bottom!

Here's a close-up of the ribbon.

Now, you want to keep a finger down to hold the paper steady.

Fold the tip in the loop to make a knot.

Use a finger to hold it down.

While holding the tip down, use your other hand and pull the long strip of paper in the direction of the arrow.

After you get a close enough knot, press it down and make a crease.
This is side 1.

Here is side 2.

Now you want to fold in the little piece of paper sticking out.

Flip the paper back over and this is how it's going to look like.

The line I drew on the tail is where you need to fold.

This is how it should look when you fold it in.

You continue folding it that way, while matching the corners.

Keep folding the paper until you reach a spot that you can't fold anymore.

Now, hold down the star and slip the left over tail into the folds.

Here is the final "fattening" process of the star.
Using your fingers, push each flat side of the star in to puff the star up.

After you puff up all the sides, you should have your very own lucky star!

If you have questions please leave your comments below.
Enjoy your lucky star and share it with your friends and family!! =]