Monday, December 1, 2008

Hand Me Downs

Remember when we were young and you always had hand me down clothes from cousins or your own siblings?

I used to hate it because I always got used clothes, but it was inevitable. Its a great way for my parents to save money but I always wanted new clothes that were my own. Now with the economy so bad I figured hey it might not be that bad. It's good for the environment too because you're reusing! Here is a great website to look for some hand me downs. Save tons of money while you're at it.

What do you think about hand me downs?


Bethany said...

Hand me downs are great. Why waste good clothes when some people don't have clothes to wear at all? I like thrift shops for good deals too.

Susanna said...

Bethany, you are right about not wasting good clothes because there are so many people out there without clothes. With this bad economy saving extra cash in your pocket is not bad at all.

Thrift shops are great places to get clothes and ebay too. People sell used clothes there for a low price, you just have to be very careful what you buy.