Friday, October 29, 2010

NYC Metrocard 3

This month I decided to draw a little birdy. The bird reminds me of twitter haha!
So I decided to draw a bird on my Metrocard so I can remind myself to work hard in school and I'll have plenty of free time after I'm done.

After weeks of stress and hard work, I finally have a free weekend to rest once again. No more midterms to worry about but now I must study hard and be ready for the finals.

If you haven't yet followed me on twitter, what are you waiting for? Click the poor fat birdy on your right and follow me already! If not, he will cry! :(

Also my favorite jewelry designer DSK steph is doing a LV bag give away. Find out how to win on her blog and while you're there check out her beautiful pieces.
Her jewelry is awesome and I wear the necklace my boyfriend got me all the time! I'd feel empty without it!

Any suggestions as to what I should draw on my Metrocard next month?
Leave your creative comments below.

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