Sunday, February 6, 2011

Reality Check

Next semester will be my very last semester of college before graduating. These four years has been moving way too fast for me. I've learned so much and yet I feel underachieved. I can't help but to feel fearful about what is yet to come. There are so many possibilities out there in the world still and I foresee many paths ahead of me.

Once the month of February hit, I had a major reality check for myself. There's a lot going on this month and I feel a new bright beginning for myself. Amongst the many things, I realized I've been held back to achieve my personal goals mainly because of my parents. I haven't been able to push myself out of pleasing them.

My boyfriend has helped me take a huge step back and reexamine myself as an individual and how my parents have shaped me to be who I am today. For that I can't thank him enough for being there by my side through thick and thin these past three years. I need to move on beyond pleasing my parents and just do what's right for myself. I need to get on my two feet and get things going because life moves on with or without my parents expectations of me.

Creating my new Etsy store was just the beginning. I have to figure out my next move career wise as soon as possible. I realized how much I enjoyed designing this year. As you know I took my very first Web Design course during the winter semester and now I'm taking a Flash and 2D Animation course as well. As challenging as these classes are for me, I'm very excited to learn the art of design. In addition I will be working my profile website after I learn more familiar with designing am excited to launch hopefully this year.

I promise myself to work extra hard this year because underachievement is unacceptable in my book!


PriamsSeer said...

So proud of you! The first step to growing up is knowing that you have to live up to your own expectations and not anyone else's. More power to you and I hope you accomplish everything you've ever dreamed of.

An Inquiring Mind said...

I really like your Etsy Store! I favorited you, will you favorite mine too?