Friday, July 23, 2010

The Green Girl and I

Yesterday I got a random text from someone by the name of "Green Girl" and it went like this.

Green Girl: im drivin 2 maine!!!

Me: Who is this? I think you have the wrong number.

Green Girl: isnt this maddy

Me: Nope this is Suzie. Sorry.

Green Girl: sorry have a nice day

Me: You too! Enjoy Maine :)

Green Girl: thank you

And that was the end of that conversation but, I was happy that it ended in such a nice way. Usually these types of texts result in arguments but every now and then someone nice comes along and I'm glad that these people exist.

So from now on I will be nice to the people that call/text accidentally so I can make their day better.

Have you received calls/texts from random people? How did you reply?

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