Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Raindrops keep falling on my head

It's been raining a lot this month. People say April showers bring May flowers, but its May so get going RAIN! The rain is making the days go by so slow and makes me feel lazy. At least its keeping me home so I can study for my finals.

While walking to school I came across this batch of little plants and I loved how the droplets of rain sat on top of the leaf. It looked beautiful so I quickly snapped this shop on my iPhone.

New York is the place to be to experience all the diverse cultures. On the bus ride home today, a middle aged Spanish speaking man was teaching a middle aged Shanghai woman to speak Spanish. The woman learned very quickly and said a few Spanish words very well and the man shared that his girlfriend is Chinese. I thought to myself, only in New York will I be able to experience such a clash in cultures and I just love it. We all need to be able to learn and understand the many cultures all over the world.

Have you experienced a similar situation? Leave the stories in the comments below.

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Brian T. said...

ewww. wet grass :p
i'm not a fan of rain...