Friday, May 7, 2010

Garfield The Cat

I've been following this stray cat around my neighborhood for about 2 years and I'm always glad to see him because then I'll know he's alright. Lately him and his cat friends have been hanging out in my backyard and they meow so much I sometimes get annoyed. Today I decided to give him and his buddies a photoshoot with my boyfriends DSLR camera. I wish he was my kitty, he wouldn't have to go out in the neighborhood trying to stay alive. I'm scared to even touch him because what if he has lice or other diseases. Ohh how I wish he was mine.

Hope you find the him rather cute and since he's the color of Garfield, my boyfriend and I named him Garfield Cat haha. It's really to distinguish him from other cats we encounter in the neighborhood.

Here he arrives. Poor thing has a battle scar below his right eye. :(

His buddy happily comes to greet Mr. Garfield cat.

The king of the group comes join his minions.

They're having a discussion but Mr. Garfield Cat was feeling rather tired so he'll ask his buddy later about the meeting.

Oh look at the lazy cat always sleeping. ZZZzzzzz...

Do you see any strays by where you live? Do you also want to take them in your home?
Leave those comments below.

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