Monday, March 17, 2008

Aren't advisers supposed to help?

Have you been to college advisers for help?

I went to get "advised" to plan for my education major, in which I plan to pursue as my career. I generally tend to arrive at my appointments a lot earlier than I really should, about twenty minutes earlier since I do not like to be late or have the person wait for me. I hate to be tardy so I give myself extra time to account for traffic and things like that.

So anyway I went to see this adviser during her "walk-in" schedule, which basically is a first come first serve basis. I got to her office a thirty minutes ahead of her scheduled "walk-in" time and waited, then three other students showed up and we sat there waiting impatiently, wanting to leave this place. We waited and waited for her to get there. She came twenty minutes later than the time she was supposed to be there!!! I already had a bad impression towards this adviser at that moment due to her tardiness.

When she finally gets there she spends a good five minutes outside her office talking with one of her colleagues, even though she acknowledges the fact that there are four people waiting to see her. Then, she walks into the room asking if the four of us are there to see her, and she says "Wow there are too many of you, so prepare your questions and I am going to have to see you quickly because I have no time." Well my question was, is it not the advisers job to help us? This is their "walk-in" schedule and they are supposed to make time to see each student to help them out in their college career!

I finally go in to talk to her about my credits and asked what courses I should be taking now to prepare myself. I saw her for roughly three minutes and walked out of her office only with the knowledge that I should talk to the art department regarding their majors. Not only did she not help me at all, she rushed through everything and just did not seem to care at all! I do not even know where the art department is and I did not have a chance to ask her either because she just shooed me out the door.

I have talked to countless people from different colleges and no-one was ever happy with the advisers in their schools. They all told me that they are not helpful at all and suggested that I should not go see them either. I have concluded that the best advisers are in community colleges, students actually gotten the help that they need. These advisers take their time to get to know you and help you plan for a more successful college career. This is what we lack in my college!!!!

More next time. Stay tuned!!!

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