Monday, March 31, 2008

How to Bowl?

Want to learn how to bowl? Well let me teach you all about it since I was in the school bowling team.

When you begin to bowl, you must have bowling shoes on because you can easily slip and fall since there is oil on the wooden floor. Be sure you have a bowling ball picked out and that it is not too heavy for you or the holes for your fingers are not too small or too large. If the ball is too heavy and the holes do not fit your fingers, you can injure yourself. Also you should never step past the foul line because it is very slippery there and once again may result in injury. Now we wouldn't want that!

A very important rule is that you should not bowl if someone else in the lane next to you is bowling because you might distract them. The objective of the game is to try to knock all 10 bowling pins down. The highest possible, meaning you obtain all strikes throughout your 10 frames in the game is a 300.

Some terms used in bowling are gutter ball, split, spare, strike and turkey. A gutter ball is when the bowling ball is released and it goes to either side of the playing lane and this causes you to miss the pins completely. The split is when two pins are far apart from one another and you have to try to get them both down on your second turn in order to spare it. A spare is when you get all the rest of the pins down on your second turn. A strike is when you get all the 10 pins down on your first try. A turkey is when you have four consecutive strikes.

So now you are ready to bowl!
First, you pick up your bowling ball and line yourself up to where you want to aim and facing the bowling pins.
Next, make sure that your fingers are in the holes and you are supporting the ball with your other hand. Make sure your body is facing forward, since posture is very important.
Then, you begin to take steps towards the pins. Remember to make sure you stop right before the foul line and have your left foot(if you're a righty) or your right foot( if you're a lefty) to be in front of your body so you can lower your body and arm to get ready for the release of the bowling ball.
Finally, you release the bowling ball and wait to see how many pins you have knocked down by looking on the scoreboard.

Remember to relax and enjoy the sport!!

Well thats all for now, stay tuned!!

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Raymond Chua said...

so suz, what happens when I and the bowling goes down the lane and hit the pins? Do I get a super big turkey for that? ;P