Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hardships in Tennis

I have been taking an Elementary Tennis course and it has been four classes already! I feel like I've learned so much about the sport in such a short time. Although, I have played Tennis with friends before I cannot say that I know the sport. I believe we should know the basics to a sport, or anything in life in order to fully appreciate it.

So, getting back to the class itself, we begin every class by running three laps. This warms our body up and gets the blood circulating. Afterwards, we start to stretch our legs and arms so we can avoid pulling a muscle when we play. Finally, we pair up with partners and play mini tennis or practice some drills, such as someone tossing the ball to their partner and he/she returns the ball by hitting it back with the racket.

I still have to work on controlling the ball because sometimes I hit the tennis ball, and it just does not land where I want it to! It is so hard to hit a ball that is coming at you 30-40mph, while spacing yourself 3feet away from the ball. Then you must have the right posture and the racket at the perfect angle so you can hit that little tennis ball over the net. Oh and a very important one, keeping the tennis ball inside the court!!

Doesn't that sound like a lot of work to you? I personally feel that Tennis is one of the harder sports out there, but hard work comes with lots of practice. I'm sure I will master this sport in no time if I try my best!

Stay tuned for more next time!!!

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Raymond Chua said...

But Maria Sharapova makes it look so easy!