Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tornado in Queens

On Thursday evening September 16, 2010 a tornado ripped through New York City. This was my first time experiencing a tornado and we didn't even know it! I remember looking outside my front door and there was no visibility at all. All I saw was rain swirling around and I remember seeing the tree outside my door still holding up. I was glad the tree survived the storm! I just want to give it a great big hug :)
Queens College was hit really hard with 90mph winds. I haven't gone back to see how the school looks now but I hope its fixed up fast. The damage will take a month to fix but we're a strong community and we'll hang in there.
My friends shared some photos with me from around the neighborhood. The areas around me were hit really hard. Photo's courtesy of Kimberly Molina! Thanksss!

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