Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tutor Jitters

I remember when I used to be tutored I would rely on them to do the work for me all the time. I was the lazy type and I know I don't want to be that kind of a tutor. Relying on her to do my homework for me was not helpful at all, I didn't learn a thing. It made me work twice as hard when I got older in order to catch up with everyone because of me slacking off and making my tutor do all the work.

Tomorrow I start tutoring kids and helping them with homework. I'm both excited and worried that I might not remember the things they are learning. I'm not sure as to the grade levels of the kids I'll be working with but I'm hoping I can help a whole lot! I want to make a good impression since it's my first time! I know I want to fill the kids with tons of positive reinforcement and make an impact on those kids. So wish me luck guys!

Any tips as to what makes a good tutor? Have you tutored before?
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