Friday, August 27, 2010

MTA Not Going My Way

I've developed a love hate relationship with the Subway system here. I love the fact that I can travel anywhere without have to drive but now the price of a ride is raised so high people just rather drive. So we want a greener planet with raised Subway prices with everyone going back to driving? I don't think so! Also why do we still use this stupid Metrocard with a magnet strip that's even worst than a credit card?

I've had to send my card in multiple times because 1) The bus would somehow damage the magnetic strip, 2) Somehow the card gets in contact with my credit cards and it wipes the magnetic strip. Why does this happen in this day in age?! Why can't the card just live side by side with my credit cards? Every time this happens I don't just get a new card back but I have to buy another one (spending more money in that month) and mail the messed up one in so they can determine the refund I get on the other card. This is just very inconvenient!

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