Monday, August 30, 2010

What is a New Yorker?

A Professor of mine asked us on the first day of class, what does it mean to be a New Yorker?
Some said well you need to live here to be one. Other replied you have to live here at least 10 years. Another stated that you have to be born here.
Which is correct?

He told us that there was New York times article that talked about the MTA or the NYC Subway. It can be tough to use a Metrocard especially if you're new to it all or have never seen such a thing. This article says that you know that you're a New Yorker when you can swipe a Metrocard once and be able to enter the Subway...The class giggled amongst each other because we all knew we hated to be backed up waiting for a free turnstile to enter the Subway. My professor said well when I can't enter the Subway with one swipe I feel like I'm not a New Yorker anymore. There needs to be a fine line between who is or isn't a New Yorker but who's to draw this line?


Mati said...

Ahhhh...the question of all! I think that you need to be born here to be a true New Yorker. Transplanting doesn't count, so there.

Susanna said...

I agree with you can't really understand all the aspects of life here at New York if you weren't born and raised here. It's also the same with any other place in the world.