Friday, May 2, 2008

Dog names

I love dogs and just the other day I was having a conversation with a few friends while having ice cream and we discussed what we would name our dog if we had one. Well I want to name my dog Ploppers that name sounds pretty cute to me. Other names like Bob, Lucy, and Lucifer were also mentioned. Then we have names like Biscuit and my friend said well "You'd be hungry for a biscuit every time you would call him over." My other friend then says I would name my dog Sex. Imagine your dogs name is Sex!!! LOL!! Calling him/her over would sound so wrong, mentioning him to your friend would be the funniest thing ever, just many things would just sound plain wrong!!! So we spend a good amount of time laughing about that. I literally laughed till I teared a little because of certain things that we mentioned in the conversation.

Stay Tuned.
Up next is the MTA and what they will be doing for a cleaner and greener NYC!!!

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