Friday, May 2, 2008

YAY to going green!

I ride the MTA to school and work every single day and I spend at least 1hour on the bus or train, its inevitable to read these advertisements that are all around you. I'm very happy to see that the MTA is promoting environmentally friendly things. I hope they keep up the good work!!!

The MTA have been reminding its riders to recycle and not litter so New York City can be a cleaner and better place in the future. They also are encouraging people to take train and buses(public transportation) more often in order to reduce our carbon footprint. I'm excited to see more environmentally friendly ideas the MTA will come up with.
Here are a few that I've seen so far, they're pretty informative. =)

"Every full rail car keeps 75 to 125 cars off the road."

"Your(New York) carbon footprint is about 1/4 oof the national average."

"Public transportation saves fuel consumption by 1.4billion gallons everyday."

"Every full bus keeps 40 cars off the road."

I remember another ad on the subway that said "be part of the solution not the pollution." I believe if we all work together to recycle and protect the environment, we can make a big difference. We should all recycle those Poland Spring bottles that we drink, we should print/write on both sides of the paper and use every inch of it, we should take public transportation, car pool and many more!!!

Remember the 3 R's!!! REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE!!!!

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Raymond Chua said...

I cant help but to agree with you!