Saturday, May 17, 2008

There is no such thing as Race!!!

The earthquake in Sichuan, China has been devastating. I send my condolences to everyone affected. I've heard many disrespectful things towards Chinese people and I just can't believe how uneducated these people are. I'm both sad and angry that some people are saying that Chinese people deserve to die due to their own personal political views.

It is proven biologically that there is no such thing as race! The different races out there are all set forth by society. It's merely a classification in which makes it "easier" to tell apart all 6.6billion people on earth. Our ancestors are all from Africa and every human being on earth are really not that different from each other (genetically speaking). Yes i understand we may all look different, but that is due to different environmental adaptations our ancestors slowly help us adapt to. If you only look at someones DNA you would not be able to tell what race they are. Here are some reason why we all look different.

Why are individuals near the equator darker?
They produce more melanin which helps protects the suns intensive UV rays and aid in absorbing vitamin D.

Why do individuals who live in Europe have longer and more narrow noses?
The air there is cooler than it is near the equator so they must warm the air before it enters their body.

This video says it all:
Race: The Power of an Illusion

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