Sunday, May 11, 2008


I absolutely am against the lottery! I've been telling my father to stop buying the lottery since I believe its such a waste of money. I understand it can be addicting just like people buying a pack of cigarette from the deli, its not good!!! They target the middle working class people who "dream big" and hope that they can win that million dollar so they can buy a house, new computer, or a TV.

Even though lottery tickets are $1USD, $1 every week adds up throughout the year. Lets say you buy a lotter ticket every week of the year, thats $52 gone out of your pocket. So why not use that $52 to buy yourself jewelry or that bluetooth that you always wanted.

Chances of winning the lottery is like 1 in a billion so why put your money there to support them. Not to mention lottery is on paper!! You're killing trees so I don't see anything beneficial from participating in a lottery.

Remember Reduce, Reuse, RECYCLE!!

More next time, Stay tuned!

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